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What is Psychotherapy and how can it help?

Therapy can be an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves, our feelings/needs, and how we experience the world. Therapy can also help us learn new and more helpful ways of coping with difficult emotions, experiences, and relationships.

It is sometimes difficult to easily convey the therapeutic process in a few sentences. I say this because the benefit of therapy stems so much from the therapeutic relationship that develops between clients and their therapists during a session. While it can be said that most people start therapy because they are struggling with something in their lives, I feel it is very important to recognize that each client is unique and has unique experiences and challenges. Therefore, in my work with a client it is essential that I learn as much as possible about who they are and must be flexible in meeting their particular therapeutic needs.

Although great progress has been made in recognizing the benefit of therapy, some can still wonder whether there is something 'wrong' with them for needing support or even if their concerns are great enough to require therapy. I believe that getting support can not only be helpful but a brave and healthy act. Therapists can be that extra support we need in navigatign life's greatest challenges.

It can be very difficult to take that first step and contact a therapist. The idea of sharing feelings and thoughts with a stranger can feel daunting at first. For me, it is very important to offer clients a safe, kind and non-judgmental space for them to explore their concerns. If you feel ready, I welcome you to contact me to learn more about what I offer and to see for yourself if you feel that I would be a good match for your concerns.